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New feature

Edit comments

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Shared by Elise • February 19, 2024

Community members are now able to edit their own comments.

New feature

Sharing in multiple languages within a single share campaign

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Shared by Laurens • February 08, 2024

Do you have advocates that share content in more than one language? Or are you anticipating this in the future? Then be sure to check out this new feature update!

As an admin, you can now enable a setting on multilingual share campaigns that will allow your members to share in all languages the campaign offers, regardless of their profile language.


The members will be able to pick the language they want to share their content in within the campaign itself.


Want to learn more? Click here!

New feature

Deep links in emails sent with Ambassify

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Shared by Elise • December 20, 2023

Our Ambassify messages have been updated to make it possible to turn regular links into deep links in our mobile app.

This is currently supported for links to community campaigns and the community homepage only, but we'll be working on adding support for more links in the future.

This means that when you add a link to a community campaign in an Ambassify message, and one of your members who has the Ambassify app (or your white label app) installed opens the link from the email app on their phone, the app will automatically open to show that campaign as opposed to the internet browser.

We will gradually enable this new feature for our customers over the next few weeks.

New feature

AI-powered reshare messages

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Shared by Elise • December 20, 2023

You can now use our AI-based generators to create default share messages for reshare campaigns.

You can read this article if you would like more information on our AI-based features.


Complete social share campaign with a single share

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Shared by Elise • December 11, 2023

Social share campaigns are now marked as completed for a member after they share on one channel.

This means the campaign will disappear from the "To-do"-based tabs after the first share, preventing them from clogging up those tabs for users that don't share on all channels.

Users can, of course, still share on multiple channels when they still have the campaign open, or they can go back to the campaign later by going to the "All" tab.

New feature

Edit profile on landing pages

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Shared by Elise • December 05, 2023

Contacts (and advocates) visiting our landing pages can now edit their Ambassify profiles through the new user dropdown at the top right of the screen.

New feature

New campaign visual types: Video and Slideshow

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Shared by Elise • November 30, 2023

Managers are now able to choose between three visual types when setting up a campaign:

- Single image: this is the classic option we've supported since day one

- Slideshow of images: lets you upload a few images, which will be shown in a slideshow format on the community

- Video: lets you upload a video that will play on the community.

The choice can be made in the campaign builder's sidebar and is the same for all languages of your campaign:

Both new types require a fallback image for use where the richer display isn't supported, e.g., in emails.

For slideshows, we automatically select the first one (this is customizable), but for videos, you'll need to either manually upload one or select one from the thumbnails we generate.

Some notes on how these visuals behave in the community:


- Don't automatically cycle through the images.

- On mobile phones (web and app), users can swipe through the images.

- Users get arrow buttons on the desktop to navigate through the images.


- Automatically start playing when they become visible in the user's feed and stop when the user has scrolled past them.

- Automatically start playing when the user opens a detail view.

- Plays muted in the feed.

- Plays with sound on details pages in the mobile app.

- Plays muted on detail pages on the web. Users can still enable the sound on the video themselves.

Note: Users on an older version of the mobile app will see the fallback image mentioned above until they've updated the mobile app.

New feature

Select initial campaign language

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Shared by Laurens • November 07, 2023

Managers can now select the initial language a campaign should be created in. This improves the usability of building a campaign that is not in the default language of your account.

Click here to learn everything about (multiple) language support in Ambassify.

New feature

Email digest introduction text

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Shared by Elise • October 31, 2023

You can now fill in the "Digest intro text" settings when enabling our email digest. It allows you to add some text at the top of the digest mail - before the list of campaigns - just like you can for the custom digest messages.

New feature

Lock the default share message on Social Share Campaigns

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Shared by Elise • October 24, 2023

As an admin, you can now control whether or not the share message on a share campaign should be editable by your members.

- When editability is turned off, and you haven't provided a default message, members won't be able to add a message to the share, and it will be shared without a message.

- When editability is turned off, and you've provided a single default message, this message will be used when sharing. Members won't be able to make changes to it.

- When editability is turned off, and you've provided more than one default message, members can still choose which one they want to use but won't be able to make changes to it.

Just so you know, this is only relevant to channels that support API share, as we cannot control the share message in other scenarios.